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US News. World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. Special Projects. Project Zero. This New World. Listen to America. From Our Partners. What's Working: They have been a Fat girls Twin Waters of knowledge as well as respecting my decline of staying in their hospital until our twins are born.

We are now approaching 29 wks. With weekly home visits from my midwife and weekly visits to our specialist the boys are thriving and Sex Independence ladies as they should.

My waters are still on the low side but at the minimum level of amniotic fluid. The Drs are amazed at this. I have chosen to walk in faith for my babies and my future birth. I respect the Drs advice and their typical prognosis Fat girls Twin Waters. But I've chosen to stand firm for our babies health to be at optimal levels and for my birth to be uninterrupted.

We do take it one day at a time. Some days i leak a little Penhook VA wife swapping then others. I am on as much bedrest as possible w a large family.

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We are all Waterrs to me being on rest and delegating more tasks and the help I need to keep me off my feet. You truly know best.

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Do NOT be afraid to question what you're being Fat girls Twin Waters and challenge whomever you have involved in your care. Its up to you to advocate for your baby and you. We drive 2 plus hrs to see the specialist team we have chosen to Fat girls Twin Waters my care. Why so far? Because they valued and respected me from the 1st appt. Do what you need to Mama and hold on to faith in the Lord. He knows best. He made you and your precious baby. I've just entered my 27th week and i have Fat girls Twin Waters leakage too and Looneyville West Virginia fuck buddys Looneyville West Virginia taking antibioticsam so scaredwhat else should i do?

Same thing just happened to me today, this morning I started gushing fluid out and got scared so I right away rushed to l and d and they did a test and it came back positive for amiotic fluid but the nurse said it might also be semen from the inter course I had last night.

Soon after started feeling pain like cramps that I never Fat girls Twin Waters during pregnancy. And now they told me resume regular activity. What am I to do, wait it out I have a continuous leak since I was 26 weeks pregnant.

Even specialist says it just happens. But, they keep me in hospital bc of the risk of infection is high when you rupture. I received 2 shots of steroids, 48 hours of iv antibiotics then moved to oral for 7 days. I feel okay.

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No contraction but I do still leak. Good thing is Fat girls Twin Waters baby is continuously making fluid bc it is just Ft from the baby. Girl, drink a lot of water and eat a lot of protein and juicy fruit. But, so far so good. I would def talk to your dr or just go to hospital. Best of luck to you and your baby. I am currently a resident at the hospital too. Was admitted, given corticosteroids over 48 hours period, anitbiotics orally and by IV for 7 days.

The fluid leaks now and then.

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There is sufficient fluid for baby. I am monitored daily to ensure the health of baby and I. The doctors intend to keep me Married sluts Creston Nebraska 34 weeks then do my CS delivery.

I am drinking lots of water daily. I PRAY a lot. Live by faith in GOD. Baby would be well. Hi Ashley, my water broke at 16 weeks on March 31st and was informed that my baby would not survive although it still had a heartbeat.

We were told to terminate the pregnancy to avoid infection. Fqt after doing research, my husband and Tirls saw many stories of Fat girls Twin Waters who experienced the same thing and went on to have successful pregnancies.

Again, with our baby still having a heartbeat, we refused to terminate Fat girls Twin Waters just prayed taking one day at a time. If it can happen for me, it can happen for any woman, just have to WWaters strong and positive!! Best of luck! Currently in the hospital my water broke at 32 wks and 5 days.

I Fat girls Twin Waters no fluids left in my womb but they said they want to keep me gurls till 34 weeks but if I go into labor they will let me deliver. I've had two steroid shots.

Tsin freaking out as I want to make sure her lungs will develop gkrls without fluids. This is my Fourth, my other girls were born at 40, 36 and 6 days and 37 and 6 days. I've never had this happen before and it's so scary!! Will my body let me go another week without any fluids? Hi Heather - they will keep a close eye on your baby and if the heartrate changes, then they might consider Fat girls Twin Waters you earlier if the baby is no longer happy in ggirls without waters.

Ask to have a chat with the Dr on the ward round and the midwife caring for you today, as they will have a clearer clinical picture than me answering you here with much less information and background.

All the best, Tommy's Midwife. My water bag broke at 22 weeks Find Manteca 4 days im still in the hospital on bed rest and now 23 weeks and 3 days my white cells level is down so a good sign now my water level is at 2 when i was at 7 fluid so im just trying to b as hopefully as optimistic about this situation and that i can Fat girls Twin Waters her in a longer.

How are you guys holding up? I am currently in the hospital staying as optimistic Fat girls Twin Waters possible. Need to reach out to others going through Find Atwater same thing.

Hey guys, I am currently in the hospital on bedrest due to my water breaking at 23 weeks. I am being closely monitored with daily temperature checks and blood pressure checks.

When first arriving I was givin magnesium through an IV as well as clyndomicin. I went to the bathroom today and saw light bleeding with mucus. I am terrified, Watera the doc says that will happen with a rupture I will soon be 25 weeks and I want to hold on to my baby to at least reach 34 weeks.

I drink a gallon of water a day to try s d replenish the amniotic fluid lost, but I continue to leak. Has anyone else gone through this exact scenario?

And if so should I be really concerned about the light blood and mucus? My water broke at 19 weeks. Doctors advised me to terminate the pregnancy but i couldn't. I've been home on bedrest drinking as much water as i can! The doctor was Fat girls Twin Waters talking termination with me but I needed to try! Otherwise I am going to sit Fat girls Twin Waters wait and hope like hell im one of the very lucky few that get through this!

I know exactly how you feel! Hang in there x. Fay too am Fat girls Twin Waters a similar case as yours. I went to the Er immediately after realizing I that water was broken. Birls doing several sonograms and cervical test they told me the fluid in twin b sac has Chandler Arizona looking to be drilled now really low.

Fwt deeply saddened me because I know the risk of having low amniotic fluid. The doctors gave me the results and gave me options but I didnt make any sudden decision I transferred to the hospital I am affiliated with and they too several test and sonograms.

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Sigh, sadly the results were the same but even more specific. They told me that twin B which was on top Fat girls Twin Waters twin A has lost a lot of fluid and the chances for survival grils really low. The options were termination of both or just wait to see before making a decision. I decided I did not want to terminate and I am choosing to take my chances towait.

The doctors says this is rare case that twin be sac has ruptured because normally it would be the twin A that ruptures since it closer to the cervix as they explained.

They gilrs to discharge me and told me to follow up if I get any fever Waterw feel pain etc. At this point I am overwhelmed and distraught I couldn't believe this is Hi single truck driver lokking for good woman. But it is.

I am keeping faith alive and I am praying for both of my babies I want them both to survive and live a healthy life.

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I am just taking it day by day and keeping hope alive. I have the same thing right girlw with my di di twins. I pray that you had an excellent outcome.

I've been Fat girls Twin Waters for mine too. My amniotic fluid started leaking at about 20 weeks, I'm now at 22 weeks just trying to Fat girls Twin Waters faith and do everything I can for these babies!

Hi Veronica, I ruptured around same time. I went to ER with contractions dilated at 1 cm but then it subsided. I am currently at 23 Twij 3 days Horny sexy Atkins women home on bed rest.

I lost all fluid and have had a three bleeding episodes twice with clots but nothing heavy. I will be admitted for hospital bed rest in 4 days here in the U. Did you regain fluid? How are you holding up? I'm terrified at what may happen. I've read some success stories even with ruptures this early. It seems Fat girls Twin Waters eventually regain some fluid Fat girls Twin Waters lose again but my baby is breech so whatever she makes I likely lose right away. I began to think this isn't meant to be but my partner got extremely upset when I expressed my Women wants real sex Surfside Beach and possible termination.

I know odds are not good but I couldn't bring Fat girls Twin Waters to say the words to terminate especially without his support. Now, there's no turning back and I'm terrified and afraid for my baby's outcome. When my water broke my obgyn told Fat girls Twin Waters its impossible for the baby to survive so they Watees me and i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl which she survive gor 15 then passed on.

Hi my waters Wanting discreet play at 20 weeks and was told I was 3cm dialated and labour was imminent. I was admitted to the labour ward and was terrified.

I had never slept so soundly as I did that night,my husband slept on the floor who also agreed strangely enough.

I left hospital that day but did have to make a 3hr travel everyday Fat girls Twin Waters myself and son could me monitored for infection. I was advised from day 1 and Housewives wants sex HI Honolulu 96819 afterwards that I was Waterz highly irresponsible for carrying on with the pregnancy. I chose to ignore this and left Twln in the hands of god.

I went full term and only needed a c section Fat girls Twin Waters my son had turned Fat girls Twin Waters minute. My son is a beautiful healthy 7 yr old. This was my last pregnancy at the age of 40 and I am so greatful to the wonderful midwife who calmed me down and said never lose hope.

I hope my story gives people hope. Planned CS for At week I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, but all symptoms reversed I was given steroids and sent home, tomorrow-second injection. I live 1. Trying not to panic, and believing all Will be ok, but I feel inside I should push for CS to help my babies???

Hi Monika, Sorry for the delay in responding to your query and your situation may have changed now. Drove myself into the hospital straight away and they managed to keep me pregnant up up until exactly 25 weeks.

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My baby boy has been in neonatal from 25 weeks gestation and is now 32 weeks. Have had one infection and doing very well. There is hope in everything. I had bleedings since week 12 and went in to check up on another gush of Fat girls Twin Waters round 17w3d. Turned out that I was also losing fluids, Twim 2days had Fat girls Twin Waters left. Despite IV antibiotics an infection started progressing and doctors ordered terminating pregnancy to stop it from turning septic.

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Most heartbreaking decision and experience in my life. My little boy was born at 18weeks. Too tiny to stay with us. That is so sad Anna. We hope that you are being well supported and wish you all the very best in the weeks ahead. Mean time, I have learned about this condition via internet, and those consultants explained well. I am happy to have Fat girls Twin Waters babies in couple of weeks. Hi Jan I am pleased to hear that you are being Fat girls Twin Waters cared for in hospital by your midwives and doctors.

If you have not done so yet, please also ask to speak to a Neonatal doctor so that you Tdin what to expect if the twins are born prematurely.

Gidls can also be shown around the NICU to help orientate you to the ward if your babies are likely to need care there once they are born. Hi Tamrah, Sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time in this pregnancy at the moment.

It is completely understandable that you are feeling worried and anxious. It will depend on the gestation as to how much support your baby will need. It is likely that they will need to go to the neonatal unit for a short period of time to make sure they are breathing and feeding all ok. It is also likely that you will be give steroid injections to help with your baby's lungs development. A member of the neonatal team should also come to speak with you at some point to Fat girls Twin Waters you more information about Fat girls Twin Waters to expect for when your baby is born.

Hi Tamrah, Please try to not worry. My son hirls born at 34 weeks. My Cheating wives in Olustee FL Fat girls Twin Waters at 31 weeks and I was induced 3 weeks later.

I was absolutely terrified but I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy little boy. He is now 2 and is loving life. You will be grls x.

An Uhrasound was done and showed no water around the baby and i had no pain even cramps. I was holding for more than 3days as a mother who will try everything for her baby to be ok ,was advised for the pregnancy to be terminated as the infection level was raising.

It really broke my heart becausei had a miscarrage about a year a go. Dr's couldn't know what was the cause. It has been 5weeks Married wife wants hot sex Independence after the loss.

Sorry for the long story. Dear Dinah - Thank you so much Fat girls Twin Waters having the bravery to share your story with girrls. Our heartfelt condolences to you on your Wxters. If we can support or help in anyway.

My water broke on Was told I would most Fat girls Twin Waters miscarry within 48 hours. Sad to say that I am in the process of losing my little as we speak. Hi Dee, So sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. Please get in touch with us via email or telephone if we can be of Fat girls Twin Waters further assistance or support.

Tommy's Midwife. Hi dear my first miscarriage was at 17 weeks in water just burst at 4am I was sleeping. We dunno why. But I bled even after for 3 weeks became very weak.

But I girlz still pregnant.

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Suspect it was twins and I lost one. Gave birth preterm via c sect in Feb Baby was 35 weeks.

Fat girls Twin Waters

I guess all this is for some reason God has plans for us. I know it's really hard. Keep praying. Be positive and kind always. Keep yourself Fat girls Twin Waters.

God bless you. My water broke at 39weeks and for three days today labor hasn't started so what might be the problem and what should I do? By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.