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I Seeking Men I am looking for sexy girl for sexy house cleaning

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I am looking for sexy girl for sexy house cleaning

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Would you hire a "sexy house cleaning" service? - Straight Dope Message Board

Send questions for Cecil Fr to: Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Nobis bonorum patrioque ea qui, eu paulo mediocritatem qui. Populo evertitur ut his, summo errem postea te his.

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Straight Dope Message Board. FAQ Calendar. Would you hire a "sexy house cleaning" service? For those who are not aware, there are several companies who offer sexy house cleaning services. Just Google that phrase, if you want to see specific companies. Northern Piper.

Archived - - Cleaning, with a sexy twist! - Housekeeper in Springfield, MO |

Horny women in Pleasantville, OH Or go all the way: I Did It for Science: Nude Housecleaning 2. If it were substantially cheaper than regular housekeeping, I might consider it.

But that sounds pretty unlikely. My thinking is to not mix work and pleasure. I can't see much work getting done! Happy Scrappy Hero I am looking for sexy girl for sexy house cleaning. No more than I would buy whole life insurance. I thought that the point of a housekeeping service was that they showed up while you're at work and clean for you, and you return home to a nice clean house.

Why would I care how they looked if I'm rarely going to see them?

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In theory, I suppose, I might do a one time, bachelor party kind of stunt, but it's hard to imagine it's much fun over time. What would be the point?

Married Wife Looking Sex Birmingham

What are the chances Fr ever have a relationship with these women? It sounds like a form of self inflicted torture. Cleaning just cleahing an erotic act, even if the person is nude. Wesley Clark.

No, they cost more than regular maids. For the money a 'sexy house cleaning' service charges I can get a regular maid and still have enough money for a 30 I am looking for sexy girl for sexy house cleaning asian massage. I would hire a housecleaning service to clean while I was at work, Babes that like to suck in Kennewick I wouldn't see any reason to pay for a sexy housecleaning service.

I don't have any moral objection to one, and might hire one as a novelty if a partner was stressing out about cleaning before some big event, but it's not something I'd want to spend the extra on.

I don't see why anyone would do this unless they thought they were hiring a call girl. If you want to ogle sexy women there are strip clubs, porn, etc.

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It sounds like hiring a "sexy housekeeper" basically means you're paying more money for a housekeeper who won't do heavy chores. I don't see myself as ever being inclined to hire a houseclearning service in general, so it wouldn't come up.

I tend to think people men and women looing to clean their own houses.

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If I did, sure why not. I'm a man, yes I would for the entertainment. That doesn't mean I will, but if it interested me I don't see a reason not to. Robot Arm. I'm supposed to pay someone sexy and unobtainable to come into my home.

What, I don't have enough frustration in my life already? The "visual" that would be most exciting to me is a sparking kitchen and bathrooms, I don't care what the housecleaner looks like.

Originally Posted by Lamia. Originally Posted by TriPolar. Originally Posted by faithfool.

This Hubby’s “Sexy” House-Cleaning Photos Have Women Everywhere Falling in Love | Babble

You realize they're just using you, right? All you'd get is light housekeeping at thrice the price and no actual nookie. It's a business, not a brothel service. If it was someone along the lines of Calvin Trillin or Edwin Newman, then yes, I would be interested.

Hiring a Nude Cleaning Service Might Be The Best Thing You'll Ever Do For Yourself - Maxim

View Public Profile Find all posts by Guest-starring: I would find it threatening and unpleasant which isn't a poll option Basically, Hell no! GTF out of my house! Originally Posted by Aspidistra. Originally Posted by Wesley Clark.

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Are you sure you don't want a strange naked man to come to your house with flammable chemicals? Because I am looking for sexy girl for sexy house cleaning free on tuesday. Eh, my housecleaning happens while I'm outside the house.

I believe in a separation of tasks. My house cleaners clean my house and that's all I'll pay for. I suppose OTOH if I had one of those "Hot Barista" shops on or near my usual routes of travel I could stop by for a mocha latte and my fix of babe-in-sexy-outfit-performing-service-sector-job every now and then.

Won't cost me as much as a housecleaning. No way. First my wife would object. Second, I've never been into the French Maid fantasy. Third, it is bad enough cleaning the house for the cleaning lady, I don't also want to sxey myself.

Hello im looking for an open minded regular female home cleaner in city centre. Hey sexy young cd available to do some cleaning/hoovering in your home. A fun,honest, adventurous 19 year old girl doing house cleaning, but with a twist! BASE RATES, MINIMUM 1 HOUR: Bikini/Maid outfit/Sexy outfit: $/hour Topless: $/hour Nude: Searching for Springfield Cleaner, Missouri Jobs. This Hubby's “Sexy” House-Cleaning Photos Have Women Everywhere Falling in Love 1 fantasy would be watching their husband run the vacuum cleaner every Hoping that it'd help him get lucky, he sent the photos to her while she was.

I feel the same way about secy pizza and sexy car washes. I'm male, and no. I don't want strangers in my house, let alone naked ones.

I'd be reluctant to hire any one amm clean my house. My mother's housekeeper provides conversation, has a very definite personality, and will perform tasks including ironing or repainting the windows not in the same week.

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Originally Posted by Nava. Any of those "look but don't touch" sexy entertainments, like strippers or lap dances, or even Hooters, seem to me to be just frustration personified, and invite more trouble than they're worth. Find all posts by GuanoLad.

I am looking for sexy girl for sexy house cleaning

Originally Posted by Mops. Now that's be something I'd pay to witness not on my own windows, though. It's sand them on Tuesday and paint on Thursday, all very organized.

Edward The Women wants nsa Staunton. You know, this thread would have been just perfect for iampunha nostalgia alert Find all posts by Edward The Head. Seems like there would be few things more awkward than Sluts Antoine neb someone from room to room and watching them half-heartedly I am looking for sexy girl for sexy house cleaning your mess. But I'm guessing the prospective clientele is well beyond feeling weird about that kind of thing Thudlow Boink.

Can I follow them around and take pictures? Originally Posted by spamforbrains. I don't want to be home when the housekeeper is working, the whole thing is awkward. I prefer coming home and the house is clean like elves did it or something, plus I imagine that sexy housekeepers do a shit job of actually cleaning.

Here we look at the dangers of kinky cleaning, sexy maid service, fantasy maid ser. Hey there, I'm Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a from a girl who wanted to know “Angela, I would like to do topless house cleaning . We Called One of LA's Topless Maids Vans. I am pleased to say that they have women of various shapes, sizes, colors, and cellulite. Fifteen. This Hubby's “Sexy” House-Cleaning Photos Have Women Everywhere Falling in Love 1 fantasy would be watching their husband run the vacuum cleaner every Hoping that it'd help him get lucky, he sent the photos to her while she was.

So, I'd have to pay real housekeepers to clean up behind them. It would just be awkward. Especially following them around the house as they clean.

No, I would not do this. Seems like paying too much for too little. OTOH, I did once take my motorcycle to a nearby Tilted Kilt where the waitresses were doing a bike wash for a few dollars.