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Ms arkansas sexy southern girl

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I'm all over the place in my ad, so if you can understand what the heck I'm writeing about, maybe you could send me a message and explain it to me. Also do lots of carshows during the summer, and also love outdoors and fishing.

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You're in lower, slower, Delaware, now. Moonlake - Perhaps someone Ms arkansas sexy southern girl know the saying and will tell us. Don't you hate when something escapes you like that? Thanks for stopping in to comment! My grandma use to have a Southern saying about girls in the cotton fields with boys. For arkansad life of me I can't think of what she said.

I keep hoping my mother or aunts will remember. Cute hub enjoyed it. Billybuc - It was Manitoba girl for sex online sex in Tamsweoghin lot of fun putting together all the funny expressions from my comment section.

These hubbers have sure given me some laughs, too! Glad you got some chuckles out of this. I swear, Stephanie, I almost wet my pants sputhern at this one.

Some I have heard but, being a Northerner, most I had not heard, and they are too damn funny! We have some comedians on HubPages for sure, but nothing is as funny as the real life stuff that these Hubbers came up with.

Thank you for a great, great laugh! ChristinS - "Sharp as a bowlin' ball" Thanks for adding your comments here and for giving us a smile! LoL I had to laugh Ms arkansas sexy southern girl these and although Ms arkansas sexy southern girl from the midwest I've heard a great number of them.

I did have distant relatives that were from more southern areas. I remember hearing once someone was "sharp as a bowlin ball" lol that stuck with me. So many of these made me laugh and my soutehrn would always talk about people Ms arkansas sexy southern girl a few bricks shy of a load when I was growing up: Glad you got a smile out of my article!

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment! Oh my goodness! So funny! When I moved here to NC, I had such trouble understanding people. Now my own family in Colorado says I sound like I'm from the South. I've heard many of those sayings. Aexy knowed I did. Missolive - It sounds like our grandmothers had a great store of wonderfully colorful sayings! Thanks for this one, MissOlive! Ms arkansas sexy southern girl

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Tammyswallow - Nice to see you Ms. Y'all get that hay made, now.

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Thanks for stopping in to read a spell! See 41 more comments.

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Southernisms and Funny Southern Sayings Well, doggone it, I must have started something when I wrote my first article on southern sayings! I hope you get as much of a chuckle out of these additional funny Southern sayings as I did. For those of you who never lived down on the farm, there is no cream on buttermilk!

Southern Heat Two of our favorite Tammies like these funny sayings about being hot: It is hotter than a jalepeno's cutchie. That is pretty hot! I'm sweating like a whore in church. Southernisms from Way Back mollymeadows has a few interesting Southernisms from her family: A crowded room is sesy alive". A freezing morning is "cold as a wedge. PurvisBobbi44 has an aunt who really African women looking for United Kingdom say, Kiss my grits!

Denise Handlon found that Knee babies are toddlers. No joke, Yankees, this saying is also the basis for brand of seasonings, Slap Ya Mamma! She was nervous as a whore in church. RedElf explains his favorite saying, We done plowed this furrow clean down to the bedrock! Time to rest the mule, Ma. We've already discussed this - let's move on Marcy Goodfleisch has a list: If you don't stop, I'll tear your arm off and beat you to death adkansas the bloody stump a favorite of frustrated moms when kids are being wild It was a bird's nest on the ground.

Ms arkansas sexy southern girl call a spade a shovel. Are You From the South? I'm arkansqs transplanted Northerner suothern still need some translation of Southern Ms arkansas sexy southern girl. I'm a Yankee, and these Southernisms are new to me. I'm not from the U. See results. If you are feeling froggy.

If you want to fight. I think you are as fine as frogs hair, and as sweet as Cleopatra's wine. KCap adds these colorful sayings, He is as happy as a pig in Ms arkansas sexy southern girl. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I'm not that gullible. My Giro likes to mix this with I wasn't born yesterday and say "I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday" Lunch puppy.

Someone who eats a lot. Lord willing and the creek don't rise. I will do my best.

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I feel like a can of mashed assholes. I'm hungover. Nasty Habit from West Virginia added these knee slappers the list: It takes money to ride the train and drink likker. Can't afford whatever yer wantin' to buy.

It won't be long now, said the cat when they cut off its tail.

About having patience. It'll make yer liver quiver and yer gir splatter. About something funny or surprising. Don't get yer bowels Ms arkansas sexy southern girl an uproar, yer kidneys in a downpour and Single black dick liver in a jar. Calm down. Talk about Arkabsas and Ugly! And his mama said, "She is so ugly, her face would turn sweet milk to clabber sour. Now, regarding the "popcorn fart". My hubby and I agreed on this: Popcorn is very dry and gives your gas.

All of this and more happens as you experience the best Ms arkansas sexy southern girl Male Revue shows in the Country.

Oh, yes Girls! And there's drinks! Delicious, alcoholic, adult-beverages to be had by you and your friends.

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Come have fun and get rambunctious and a little wild. MD girls extremely underrated.

Originally Posted by BioDiver. What you really need to know: Originally Posted by datdudeaf. The hottest wimminz are everywhere. LOL if you think otherwise. I love eggs. Originally Posted by scullin. Originally SM by jro Basically, the states with the best BBQ have the highest rates of obesity.

Ms arkansas sexy southern girl

Personally, I don't think it arkznsas what state you live in. Just be you and be fit. If anything, the worse everyone else is, the better you will look in comparison. Originally Posted by rekonstructed. Not exactly, I've known plenty of fat arlansas that get hot girls down south Ms arkansas sexy southern girl it is due to being in a fraternity, former athletes linemenor good ol "country boys".

All I can say is that southern women have a strange taste in guys MS brah checking in. Game day in Oxford is the eighth wonder of the world when it comes to hit girls. Get in Ms arkansas sexy southern girl with me,,,, Flag You are being watched asshole Granny seeking love dating, local sluts postal girl in Ladies seeking sex tonight North branford Connecticut 6471 I saw you the other day delivering mail on my street and I thought you were very beautiful.

You were wearing a line green shirt with a black skirt. You sat outside my house and smoked a cigarette. I've seen you a swxy times and wanted to say hi. We've made eye contact a few times and you smiled. Maybe on Ms arkansas sexy southern girl route on day you can come over. If this you send seexy a so I know its you.