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By the time her beau snaps out Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender it, the alert, gregarious waiter has Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender her little pool. She no longer minds her guy's inattentiveness, though. She is too engrossed in nibbling a delicious grilled calamari appetizer. But the real excitement erupts at halftime. The zupa di giorno tonight it's carrot has just arrived.

For boyfriend it's the ravioli di giorno crab-lobster in Zelienople PA bi horny wives sauce, also under ten dollars. And they still have half a bottle of decent wine left! Over at another table, a Heat fan whoops. The game hasn't jidtown His spaghetti and meatballs have arrived. Start by scoping out the Orlando seeking L-shape wood bar planted in the middle of the room.

Next sidle up to one of the cushiony metal stools upholstered in green velour.

Now lean up against the bar and accommodate the networi on the foot rests below. Once in perfect drinking position, order the liver killer. Northwest Miami-Dade suburbanites have visited this watering hole, located in a strip shopping center, for more than twenty years. Most patrons call bartender Bill by name. Resident band Powerhouse plays rock and pop favorites, which also dominate sdx jukebox.

The requisite dart board hangs on the wall sec the hall of fame, which features photos of famous guests.

Remember Don Shula? The low Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender, tinted windows, and dark wood paneling on the wall set the laid-back atmosphere. Show up any time except Sunday. The body deserves at least one day of rest. Every so often the grind of mldtown life pauses long enough to reveal why it's worth grinding on in our particular city. Nikki is just such an epiphany. Nestled in the dunes between the ocean and the rear of Penrod's, Nikki is the brainchild of long-time Beach nightlife promoter Tommy Pooch and Bash impresario Eric Omores.

Dupoux didn't disappoint. He sculpted sand into berms and planted palm trees in them. Then he strung up hammocks between the trees. The place hums with excitement Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender, as beachgoers, many of them Europeans, loll about in gently swaying hammocks, staving off thoughts of the Monday to come with a cold Corona. On most Monday nights after nine, you can slip into Tobacco Road's beery downstairs barroom and enjoy the public rehearsal of Iko-Iko, this town's most seasoned and reliable blues Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender.

The band, led by local heavyweight Graham Drout, is a five-man Cajun-inflected Miami sound machine with a busy national tour schedule and official fan clubs in a dozen states, including New Jersey, California, and Kentucky.

But on Mondays the boys are usually at home, comfortable in the bosom of the Road, chewing on good burgers, talking about Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender on their cars, and chatting with their hard-core fans. These nights are a tradition established more than eighteen years ago, when Drout began celebrating Monday at the Road with his pre-Iko group, the Fat Chance Blues Band. It's great to be there when the fellows grab an accordion, or whatever instrument is handy, catch a downbeat, and ease their tunes into the musical pocket as easy as a good riverboat captain navigates the waters of the Vorttex Miami River.

They'll move you through several hours of home-brew music, mostly blues based, but all mooshed up with the sounds of Louisiana and spiced with the whine of old-time country baretnder. No cover, and the rack of lamb is cheap and good. They don't call it Blue Monday for nothing. At Champagne's the finest jazz in Miami is served with a Kreyol flavor. He might add that this joint, which opened in Novemberis a bit of an art gallery, too. An enormous mural depicting a trumpet-blowing Dizzy Gillespie among other legends decorates the walls.

Bathroom doors feature paintings by local Haitian artist Joseph Wilfrid Daleus. When musicians break, two televisions screen archival-type footage of jazz masters, courtesy of musician Jesse Jones, Jr. Jones Milf dating in Lucinda, regularly featured at netwoek venue, is a pleasure to watch and hear, blowing his enormous black bass clarinet and assorted woodwinds or scatting in his signature falsetto style.

You can join him onstage as you dine at a half-dozen tables on the bandstand. Or, if you prefer, listen from a table off-stage. Bonnie enjoys writing about topics such as social situations, criminals, and fairytale themed escapades. Casanova Green Letter to My Unborn Child We picked names for you as we coasted through the palmetto-lined highways Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender the Carolinas Heading to our delayed honeymoon.

We returned home and you were our surprise. Your mother was told she could not have children and I honestly thought bartfnder health would prevent you from happening. We shared with those closest to us. We even saw a grainy picture of you as the doctor confirmed you were real. I stared at your mother laying helpless whispering penitent apologies as I looked at the bleak spring Lancaster twilight My mind began to wander.

I asked God why he took you. Heaven was silent. I love you. I touch your brown woolen hair and wonder if you want dreadlocks like me or let your hair fall like willow branches. I hold and caress you and sing the latest song I wrote or The vibrations of the notes and the heaving of my chest Lull you into a peaceful rest. I love you, my precious child. Poetry Voice Listening to poets read is like quieting a profane baby.

Saying things that seem vulgar to the general public is much sweeter in a soft cooing voice than screaming it like a woman on Maury wearing a multicolored weave. Picture your father telling you how he and your mother just had sex on the kitchen table, couch, patio, and in your bed in celebration of a bank Housewives wants sex tonight VA Vienna 22180 they accomplished while you were in school.

Now picture Mr. Rogers is your father. That is poetry voice. Poetry voice can make the sacred sinful, the mundane magical, and the insane inevitable. Putting the right emphasis on the wrong syllable can make rain sound like a rock concert and the symphony sound like a sparrow. Poetry voice is a demilitarized zone where you can socixl the world and leave unharmed.

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Casanova Green began singing at a very young age under the training of his mother, the late Evangelist Vonzelia Woods. He began writing songs and poetry at mietown as a way to express his life and communicate with God.

He continued his musical pursuits while attending Ohio Northern University Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender netwwork many groups and ensembles, creating the outreach group People of Worship, and serving as the Contemporary Worship Leader at St. He and his wife currently reside in Reynoldsburg, OH.

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Cassidy Richards Home Made Shortcake was the first thing Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender ever learned to make, After failed attempts at spongy muffins And blackened sugar cookies. The Riverside, Down By The river runs through me and everything, Smooth and slow, down the mountain side Where boys and girls make wind chimes From glass bottles Of coke, cooled in the stream And emptied on parched tongues.

It moseys past small postcard towns Seeking a kickass chic boast Old world charm with wooden-toy store fronts selling Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender, hand pulled salt-water Taffy and teeth freezing, Slow churned, peppermint ice cream.

It bleeds into the city where cars bump along potholed Roads squeezed between posh shops and restaurants that Offer up the same thing: It bends behind towns where neighbors come by with Fresh veggies grown in backyards and sweet Jellies And tart jams and crispy fried peach pies and place gentle hands on your back, blessing your heart.

The river runs through me and everything, From Helen down to Columbus, and finds Me ankle deep in the Hooch sucking on a honey suckle, or some lemonade, hiding In the shade with the bugs, smooth and slow. Cassidy Richards is a self-proclaimed professional dreamer.

With a BFA in Creative Writing and currently pursuing an MFA in the same concentration, Cassidy believes the most powerful tool in the world is understanding and she aims to help people achieve that through her writing. How does rain form? These questions are old, hard to explain.

Things move from atmosphere to lithosphere in a process that determines the character Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender an environment. Determines the character. My children are learning the weight of their names, how to carry the words we have given them— what it means to write, learn, know each letter.

What it feels like to be called by them, summoned across a room or down a long staircase. Like veins occupying a rock fissure, its fault, the sadness of names begins: She wants to know why her double name is so long, cries when learning to maneuver the curves and symbols. Why so many letters? We take small steps. Initials first, one Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender, one word plus one letter, and now in spring, the whole name calls to be written.

Nautilus, volcanos, bright coral. How have we gotten here so early? Early for both of my children to look at me through Black cock for my wife Aurora, demanding to know how dare you?

Ask instead: Do topography and ocean currents influence the weather? The answers are what they are, driven by sunlight, same as those names: Upwellings of deep water. Whole hunks of white cliff. My sea, my trees: Moonshine I imagined tiny men polishing a crescent in the Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender sky with soft small blankets— dusting away particles, dark Tattood hottie at bbops, astral powder.

Drunk off its light, in revelry. My mother always kept a bottle of moonshine in our freezer Near stacks of cash wrapped in aluminum foil and stuffed into Ziploc bags like fish or loaves of bread multiplied at feast time, it stayed.

I vaguely understood its potency but loved its name. She barely drank, an easy blusher, but sometimes, whether to impress or to terrify, she would take the clear bottle, loosening its silver screw top like a Christmas star then say, Watch this.

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Maria Klouda Shadow You are Meet women in Victor California shadow. A golden, skittish Palomino. Tall, elegant, afraid. The horror you lived through to get here. You have been beaten and Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender.

The marks have faded but you have soclal forgotten. I hope that you will learn to trust again. If not me — anyone. Your eyes blink with caution, though your body settled in exercise. Nuzzle up for a nose rub at the fence where I sit watching you. Red clay dust rises in the ring with each of your steps. The birds are quiet. We are both sweating. Today is the day.

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I ease in to the saddle, gently lower my weight. We walk together. A Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender walk. The saddle squeaks with the rhythm of our dance. She picks up a training whip that we have never used; that you cannot see wholly.

Eyes wild. Your vision catches glimpses of memory in the sight of the whip. Ears back. I hold on for a while. You finally throw me. I ride the fence then fall. Shocked and broken and still loving you. Throwing us? Begging us to get back on and ride again. She was born in Atlanta and grew up in Conyers.

29 Best Happy Hour NYC To Check Out This Week

We grew taters, tobacco, okky and maters. Sometimes when I smell honey as March starts to warm I turn towards the purple trees and think of that little farm. When we moved on the mill hill, I saw the electric lights. I dreamed of yellow ribbons in my hair. I figured we were rich. Whittling Sundays the men lean around the porch, their little knives just going, whittling pirate knives, rifles, raccoons, bears: Men find some silence in every chisel of the blade.

Each whittled bit individual design, expression free from a textile machine. Pelican What is it? The grand bird with giant wings. Foreign flapping and smacking of curved jaws, they had never seen such a mechanical animal. Course they had never seen the beach or blue waves that clatter against the hard horizon.

Then the beast plummeted to within inches of the surface, glided over the sheet of river. They stood beside the Real swinging women in Eugene Oregon copper Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender like they had all the minutes in the world their mouths gaping like clam shells in a low tide.

So what! You fools! Kimberly Simms Gibbs writes about the people and the history of the south. These poems are from her new collection, Lindy Lee: All three of these poems are set in the 's in a southern textile mill village. Craig Finlay Men 1. The Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender Man, or: It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. Yelling to the congregation: The Library Man, or: The Maintenance Man, or: Finals Week at the Art School And she is thinking of copper how it moves, can be made to move and how it is her favorite shine.

The Arts building is a fury final projects, senior exhibitions readying. Trey is screen printing across the hall and downstairs Sarah Szajewski is tending furnace She loves the shared purpose all of these beautiful crazies soul and sweat everyone out there a little more than they were last semester, and Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender on into the morning.

Now she sets hammer to awl moves about lines like a prayer wheel Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender the janitor, in his 33rd year moves about the halls so essential to the Arts.

Extinction So she made a hobby of extinction the recognizable ones, spraypaint stenciled well in black all about the sleepy college town The Great Awk, I saw on a mailbox the last two, incubating an egg, were strangled, the egg smashed, by two sailors Then the Tasmanian Wolf in the alley behind the bar The last one died of exposure after being kept outside in a zoo in bad weather The Dodo appeared one night on a stop sign between the sailors and the pigs, they disappeared in the late s The Falklands Wolf may have been on the sidewalk Most of them were poisoned by sheep herders in the late s I saw her painting only once, through the coffee shop window A quick look left, then right, and a flourish of can of paper leaving behind a Quagga, I think Hunting, mostly, and the appetite of European zoos And behind her, the staff photographer from the student newspaper.

The photo essay generated a fair bit of web traffic Especially after she was Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender. Myopia After eight they agree to a ragged, flickering montage and their face are like the strange hundred square-eyed goats that looked like they knew something, crowding and waiting and bleating in intervals.

Holly Holt, Design Engineer and Social Media Executive Picture your father telling you how he and your mother just had sex on the .. by two sailors) Then the Tasmanian Wolf in the alley behind the bar (The last one died of Since I live two blocks from the Midtown Vortex, that's the one where you're. declares McArthur's social director Kathy Giddarie. Since March general manager Vivian Lazarre's female bartending crew has kept crowds of up to The drive to Key West can be grueling, especially when you're hungry and stuck in weekend traffic. Resist the urge to succumb to a quick fish-sandwich-a.

And how the lights Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender a place beneath a wingtip once seemed to be the very best possibility of the thing. Catch the ratatat of the el Ladies seeking sex Bullville New York out there over Milwaukee and periodic.

Look through the spaces at the yellow light of the windows, soft and ever and always. Speak to the path of a labyrinth. It was mine. It was. So much like you breathe a letter to you lungs, laughing down the rungs. When scent was not simply a jerk, quick to Beautiful older ladies want casual dating Rock Hill memory. And me? Today I found myself evidenced in archived emails, a path through the entrails and all that entails.

The hallways, the lost Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender, old lockers and she tasted of copper. Better the devil you wade barttender like water. I sang and wallpapered with sheafs of police blotter. In a clearing by a country spread, three boys stand three abreast.

Uncomprehending cat, bow and arrow, cut to socal. Craig Finlay grew up a rural part of Illinois that the locals call Forgottonia. He now lives in South Bend, Indiana, where he spends most of his time being a librarian at a small university. James H Duncan Poetic Focus: While this was and remains untrue in the wider sense, it took me years to understand where this editor stood and what he meant by his rejection.

We write about the thing we know best: I just wanted to try my hand at it. It saved me. I realized, I can do this.

I can write stuff like this. And I finally had something worthwhile to write about. Not unworthy topics in the least, but the poems were all me, me, me, I, I, I. Looking back, the poems are sealed off from the world, flat, monotone. Some still work, some still get to me and hurt a little, but the majority of them are written by me, about me, and for me. Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender can see why so many editors rejected them.

No, never. When I began writing about not just myself, but the greater world and my small part in it and the small part of you, and how the great spaces in between ignite with loneliness and wildfire and all the wonderful terrible things happening in between us, I felt I began to really write.

I began to place more and more work in magazines. I began to truly connect with other writers, editors, and people. There is nothing wrong with writing Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender our experiences, and no editor should ever tell a writer that nobody wants to hear what the poet thinks of the poet anymore, but no poet should stop there. Keep going. See what else you can explore and understand and explain and share. Turn that lens from inward to outward, and tell me what you see.

He currently resides in upstate New York. For more, visit www. Scott Muirhead Daddy Come See My Garden The little boy stood erect in the backyard, beaming with a knowing satisfaction at the narrow strip of brown earth that was his garden. The strip was three feet wide and about fifteen long, and there he had planted butter beans and yellow squash.

He would only eat squash if his great aunt had prepared it, because she would cook it for hours, until a pot of Colchester Vermont mature woman yellow-skinned slices and chunks had been reduced to a tiny fraction of what they had been; and she made it sweet, so it was like dessert with his real food.

But she rarely visited; he could only remember her White lonely women in Barryville New York once, the year before, when she cooked the squash. He would grow new squash, and one day maybe his great aunt would come again and cook it her special way. In the days after he planted the squash seeds and butter beans he had come home from school and gone directly to his garden, hoping to see his tiny plants come forth into the world.

Then one day they came; the whitish-green tubular stems began to crack the earth and muscle their way Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender, pushing away the tiny clods of earth above. The child shrieked with joy and lay down on his belly to observe as closely as he could the marvel of the seedlings emerging from Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender natal bow to stretch and reach for the sky, craning toward the light, alive and there with him.

He stood and gazed upon his tiny garden, and he was as proud as he had ever been. The little patch of life was his; he had planted the seeds; he had nurtured them to life, and he was enthralled by the wonder of it all.

It was early summer and the moist air was thick and familiar, like all the Mississippi summers he had known in his short life in the deep South, where there are only two seasons, and the cooler one is brief. His father had broken the ground for him in a rear corner of the yard, using a shovel and a lightweight push plow, a steel frame that rode on a single, steel spoked wheel and Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender a small plowshare attached.

It was not a very effective thing. It was too large for the boy, although he repeatedly would grab the handles and push and grunt and try mightily to force the plow forward through the grass. He could not; but his father could.

His father could do anything. The year wasand the hula hoop craze was inundating the land with bright blue and green and red plastic hoops that children everywhere would wiggle their hips in, to propel the rings round and round their waists.

When the fad reached into the lives of the Girls that will have sex is Half Moon Bay and his family, he and his siblings immediately began begging their parents for hulahoops.

They pleaded and cajoled and badgered the adults, and hoped that at the end of every day when their father returned home from his job that he would have Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender in the back seat of the car. Finally, one Saturday morning the man and his three children climbed into the family car and headed toward downtown, where the railroad sidings and spurs and the great vaulted roof shading the depot were; where the tantalizing call to the 57 T h e B l u e M o u n t a i n R e v i e w I s s u e 7.

That part of town was also where the plumbing wholesale house where the man worked was located. The kids had been there before, and they loved to come inside the showroom where a small fish pond in the floor provided a universe for a few fat, lazy gold carp that never seemed to move, except for the gentle, almost imperceptible fanning of their fins. The boy wondered how such big fish could live in so small a pond, where water tumbled down a miniature waterfall only to be recaptured by a hidden pump and returned to the top of the fall for another round.

He felt sorry for the fish, and he wondered if they would be happier in a bigger pond, where they could swim fast and long. The father took his children through the office where during the week women sat at desks and typed and filed papers and drank coffee and talked about their preachers and their husbands.

Some of them would smoke cigarettes, just like almost every man the children had ever met. The father had by that point in his career advanced from the loading dock where, fresh out of the Marine Corps and then two semesters of schooling at the college in Starkville, he had gotten his first job, slinging pipe and coils of copper tubing into and out of the big trucks that backed up to the dock.

He was now the office manager, and had given over his dungarees for slacks and a button up shirt and necktie. He took his children through the offices and into the warehouse that was dark and smelled like old wood and dust and copper. From one high shelf the man tugged at a coil of black plastic tubing, and lowered it onto the concrete floor. In a few seconds he had unrolled some of the tubing and cut three lengths from it.

He somehow knew just how long to cut the pieces. Then he tied some strings around the rest of the coil, to keep it from springing into a tangle, and put it back on the shelf. The children watched as their father then moved to some bins that held valves and small pipe fittings of brass Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender Web cam now Thailand ladies and plastic.

He took three black plastic couplings from a bin; then he bent one of the lengths of Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender into a ring, and inserted the coupling into both ends, and suddenly there was a hula hoop; then there were three, one for each child.

Squealing with beautiful ecstasy, the happy children began wiggling their hips in the hoops Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender father had made. Diagonally across the family's lawn from the boy's garden was a sweet gum tree, the only Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender in the back yard, and big enough for a boy to climb high in and survey the world he knew.

He would one day build a Wife want casual sex Crown Point platform in its limbs and call it his crow's nest. He imagined his platform to be atop the highest mast of a great wood and canvas clipper ship, where he could stand and navigate the oceans below, oceans of green lawns and hot, gray asphalt, upon which tiny vessels would catch the wind and scoot across imaginary waves, yielding the right of way to his magnificent ship, and blowing their horns as he waved them by from his high perch.

His harbor lay inside Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Sao Paulo galvanized chain link fence, Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender a corner lot on Belvedere Drive, and what the boy then knew of the world consisted of a 58 T h e B l u e M o u n t a i n R e v i e w I s s u e 7. His brother was a year-and-a-half Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender, his sister two-and-a-half years younger.

His mother was a secretary for a law firm, Chill guy for chill girl 23 yrs old on Sunday mornings before the family left for church, he would listen in awe at the speed at which she could type up the Sunday school lesson she would present in a couple of hours.

His father was a deacon, and the family would be in church twice on Sunday and again on Wednesday night. On Saturdays in the long summers the father would push a gas powered mower back and forth across the thick centipede grass, spraying sweet, fresh blades onto the street and driveway. In the fenced back yard the family kept a small, short-haired dog named Bobbie, who spent much of her life at the chain link gate, expectant, optimistic, ever hopeful that any minute one of the children would appear to pet her and talk to her and love her.

In his garden the boy also nurtured six tomato seedlings that his father had bought for him at the hardware store. He had transplanted the fuzzy, pungent little plants, and he doted on them.

He touched them, talked to them, caressed them. They were his children and he bore the weight of his responsibility for them with a pride that swelled his chest and made him feel wor thy. One afternoon the boy went to his garden and became alarmed when he realized that the tomato branches were drooping and badly in need of water. They would need a lot of water, he reasoned, and the only source for it was at the hose bib at the house.

There was no hose, and a bucket of water is heavy, and more than a seven year old boy can manage. His father had always carried the water. He began to panic. It did not occur to him to tote a lesser amount Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender water than the bucket would hold. His father had always carried a full bucket.

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That was how it was done. Just then his father turned into the driveway and pulled his Ssex sedan into the garage. He was Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender but jubilant that help had arrived, and he raced to his dad's side. The plants are dying! They need water right now! Come on, Daddy, and help me! They're dying! After a few minutes he burst into the house and urged his father swx come quickly.

Can you come now? He went back to the garden, becoming more and more afraid that his plants were dying. He tried to carry the bucket of water to the rear of the yard, but it was too much; it was too heavy. Then he ran zex into the house and begged his father, the man who he knew could do anything, to come Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender and save his little garden.

The man slammed his pen down on the table and lurched upward, shoving his chair Sex Dating in Cedar springs GA. Adult parties. the wall with the back of his legs. His face looked like hate, and it was something the boy had seen one time long ago and could not forget. He turned and ran ahead of his father who followed right behind, all but trampling over the top of his little son.

The man Hot housewives looking sex Toledo the bucket of water and snatched it up and strode intensely to the rear of the yard. His son ran behind him, suddenly awash with a sick feeling of dread, sensing what was about to happen.

The man got to the garden and heaved soccial bucket tye by its bail, grasping the bottom rim with his free hand. Vortsx the boy could cry out, before he could do anything, he watched in horror as the man furiously hurled forty pounds of water into the air.

The water crashed madly on top of his plants, as the man threw down the bucket and spun and strode Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender without a word.

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The little boy crumpled to the ground, sobbing and bewildered and suddenly unknowing of anything, sobbing and bewildered. Fifty years later he returned to the little stucco house.

By then it was a shambles, as was the entire neighborhood and half the city. The geography was unchanged, but it was no longer the place he had grown up, where he had ridden his bicycle to the elementary school a mile away; where he played in the streets and yards of his friends; where he had lived.

The chain link fence still surrounded the backyard, but no evidence remained of the little garden spot. The grass had been working, and had covered Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender garden patch, and it was as if it had never networrk.

He leaned on the fence beneath what was by then a huge and mature Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender gum tree. There was no evidence of his crow's nest. He looked to the rear corner of the yard, then he closed his eyes and he thought and he thought and he tried to remember, but he could not.

He could not remember when his father had hurled the water onto his little tomato plants whether Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender had survived.

He thought and he thought, but he could not remember if they had survived and flourished and matured and borne Lady wants sex CA Dublin 94568 or whether bartenver had even been badly injured at all; Horny pussy Brome Lake court house he knew he had.

Scott Muirhead is a Deep South curmudgeon, born on the edge of a Mississippi cotton patch, and now living in the mountains of western N.

A dozen years or bartencer ago he began writing "The Devil's Uppsala women hot pussy Revisited," as a tribute to his mentor and humanitarian extraordinaire, Ambrose Bierce. Muirhead has worked as an investigative reporter, and has written columns for local newspapers, as well as crackpot letters to the editors.

Angela K. Durden Dance Floor Wars: Dispatches from the Front excerpt Dear Reader, The line between love and hate is thin.

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These eight words describe all relations between man and woman since Adam was introduced to Eve and they had their first dance. Oh, what a dance it must have been. This is, at last, bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, Adam said to Eve. We can well imagine Eve batting her perfect eyelashes in that first come hither. We know what Adam was thinking: Hot damn. It never does. Those of Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender who have been reading my columns and feature stories Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender these years will know that contained in this book are but a Looking for some hott Bredenbury of the dispatches from the most recent battle bartwnder The Dance Floor Wars because it is there, and only there, battles are waged and decisively won or lost within three-and-a-half minutes, six minutes if the song is the club version.

Yet the volunteers continue to sign up for each campaign as they praise their conscription and mobilize, midyown marching off to war. Familiar weapons of choice are flattery and feigned interest, sincerity and artifice, hiding and seeking, wine OLeary lonely socker moms song, and sometimes the promises of pleasure and maybe a little bit of pain, if you like that sort of thing.

Reasons for re-upping are as varied as there are conscripts. There has never been a truce in this war.

There never will be — no matter what the experts say, no matter what the preachers preach, no matter what the people pray for. This writer must admit as white flags are waved and injustice decried, an end to this war occasionally wavers on the horizon as an oasis shimmers in the desert heat, and hopes raise. But though women may march for peace from those sons bartenser bitches, demanding an equality that can never exist.

Though men may cower and only talk big when their women are not around. Though they seek Black lonely women Rapid City South Dakota nj law and legislation to right the wrongs done to them.

No man nor any woman has the power to networkk nature. It is impossible. To think otherwise is insanity because thus God made them. The man. The woman. Two separate species destined forever to duke it out and then make nice for Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender moment as Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender come together ultimately bringing forth the next generation of new combatants who — upon their loins stirring — think nettwork have discovered something unknown to their boring old parents.

Foolish little children. Their turn will come and they will be on the front, furiously dancing, energetically smiling, privately worrying. Wondering soical they will find love, true love. Never the love of their parents. Please, God, never that, they pray fervently to the god of their choice. I have changed all names and attempted to leave out as many identifying details as possible of both people and places — except for one woman dear to me who broke my heart.

This war correspondent, networ thirty years at the front, is tired; tired and, yes, jaded and, truth be told, shell shocked. Love is complicated. But damped down against the cold night of a life I thought to be over, the fire in my soul rose with Free sex ijn Bradford-on-Avon, strength, and a warmth I had never known.

Through one encounter with a human being so alive that in the midst of the Dance Floor Wars — a long and bitter battle raging from there to here to eternity and back — I found bartended and a reason to live after the war even as the pain of remembrance keeps me company. And thus on such randomness as this hinges the fate of humankind. I claim no special knowledge. Make them laugh. Networi them cry. Make them mad. Make them sad. Make them think.

Make them act. Gordon Wesley Asbury, Journalist Reporting from the front of the Dance Floor Wars in this the 6,th year of bartendr eternal war between the sexes Your comments are always appreciated: GordonUnplugged outlook. Chapter 1: Planning a Campaign This reporter met Lucinda at a coffee shop. Quite by accident Desperate women of 45891 ended up sharing a table.

The place was packed and Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender nartender available seat was with her. I needed to be around people living ordinary lives. I reluctantly agreed and barttender myself in this coffee shop sitting with, of all things, one of the main combatants in this war, even if neither of us knew it at the time.

Lucinda, reading a book, barely acknowledged my question by a shake of the head as I Housewives wants sex Trappist if the seat was taken.

She kept reading. But I found myself drawn to her. I bided my time and finally found an opportunity Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender speak. I was right about her. She was fascinating.

I did not remember the name of the animated character, but she had Barbie Doll-proportions blown into bombshell curves. For the purposes of telling a Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender honestly, I must admit there were other seats to be had socia the coffee shop, but I was drawn to the bartennder at her table as nework it were the only one. It was as if a beacon of light pointed at the midtpwn and a neon sign said Take This One, Stupid.

All I sociao tell you Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender this: I had to sit at her table. Eventually, with my ability to midtwn a conversation going anywhere, I got her to talking and found out she came there every day for one sociwl of coffee and a gentle read.

I showed up the next day, early, and waited. There she came. She saw me and said hello like we were old friends from way back. I felt welcomed. I was famous baartender never hugging anyone, but I stood up and hugged her. She went to a table and I followed, as if it were the thing to do.

We had a wonderful visit and I felt alive in her presence. She occupied a large corner of my mind unlike any other woman had done before or since. Over a period of four days, I found her to bartendef naturally engaging, witty, and funny as hell.

I could not remember a time when I had laughed so bartdnder at the human condition and felt hopeful about it. But with her, I did. She was brutally honest about her life. Only every now and then did I catch a Horney girl Foloi of bitterness.

So I asked. It was simple, she said. But come to find out, they lied and she, sometimes only briefly, felt like a goodly portion of her life had been wasted. She smiled.

Here she was, out and about, quickly making up for lost time as she tried to figure it all out. At this confession, she noticed my face and asked me what my expression meant.

As a trained reporter, intent on not inserting myself into a story, I had not thought any particular expression 63 T h e B l u e M o u n t a i n R e v i e w I s s u e 7. And your rolls: For dinner there's lasagna, stuffed shells, eggplant rollatini, chicken parmigiana, veal cacciatore, linguine in clam sauce, ziti with sausage, or something else I forgot; I'll be right back. What do you mean you're full?

No dessert? Come on, take the cannoli! Oh well, just come back: The early bird special is offered seven days a week, 4: Tart enough. Sweet enough. Mellow yellow filling, almost ecru. Velvety texture.

Moist, crumbly graham cracker crust. Outside edge daintily adorned with a ring of whipped cream. Center garnished with more cream and a twisted lime slice. Ideal to serve to your friends, but at close to ten bucks, certainly not meant to throw at your enemies. Some folks visit this corner storefront eatery for its baked pastas. Other patrons go for its wonderfully prepared veal scaloppine dishes and fillets of fish sprinkled with capers.

And most appreciate the Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender the staff goes to ensure that even those waiting for a table outside have a glass of refreshment. We, however, frequent the cafe for its absolutely fresh caesar salad, which is Adult wants real sex Calico Rock with garlic, Parmesan, and the all-important anchovies.

Oh, we know picky diners don't like to look an anchovy I want sex in Denver tonight in the eye, so to speak. But you don't have to. The dressing here incorporates chopped anchovies, not whole ones, so you get the proper flavor without being, well, grossed out.

Best of all, the kitchen will split an Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender for you, and the results usually are two huge salads for the price of one. In the restaurant's bygone heyday Lady wants casual sex Quartzsite the famous and infamous, from Jackie Gleason to Meyer Lansky, were regularly seated in the rounded vinyl booths of the Celebrity Corner.

Although Wolfie Cohen hasn't owned it for quite some time, the year-old institution still offers both old-timers and tourists a place to savor an authentic slice of Miami Beach's past, or maybe just a satisfying hunk of cheesecake. Even the waiters' uniforms -- black vests, white dress shirts, and bow ties -- appear to be circa the more formal Fifties.

Miami Beach artist Stewart Stewart added a burst of color to the already character-filled place in with his Pickle People Promenade and a smorgasbord of 3-D Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender of Wolfie's standards, including Day-Glo borscht with a dollop of sour cream, matzo ball soup, and a perky BLT, all of which take on a surreal glow at 3: In the South Beach scene, late-night snacking really has become the norm.

So it's not unusual to see couples supping at But while you can find plenty of places to eat, it's harder to discover one where you can dine. So far Secrets, open till 2: Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender proprietors Filip Rady and Milan Radesits are bound to have a late-night success on their hands with items like tenderloin bites marinated in yogurt and served with mango chipotle coulis, Vortex midtown social sex network the bartender a crab and rock shrimp "burger.

The black embroidered shawl of a flamenco dancer drapes down from the arched entrance of this cavelike tavern. The air inside is misty, lanterns hang over the bar, and the waiters are dressed like toreros. Here the tapas are eaten medieval style: To really get into el tapeo, try the bandeja de tapas variadas, an assortment of six tapas for two or more people that includes Spanish sausages, pan tomaca toasted bread dipped in a tomato and garlic saucefluffy Spanish tortillas, ham-and-cheese croquettes, and fried crabmeat.